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Scentsy Australia – Here’s How!

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Hi! I’m Cathy Lampi – Independent Scentsy Family Consultant – Australia

Are you looking to purchase Scentsy Australia products? Do you live in one of the following countries : United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain or Luxemborg? Look no further. You can purchase Scentsy Australia products ONLINE from me: Cathy Lampi – Independent Scentsy Family Consultant.


My Story

Why choose Scentsy, you ask? It’s pretty simple. I love candles and Scentsy Australia products suit my purposes as a meditation teacher. I love the warmers as they are calming to look at. I just love them.

How do you purchase Scentsy from me?

It’s very easy. Please visit my website below to browse Scentsy Australia products. At top right of the page, select the Australia flag and you’re ready to begin your online shopping experience. Your online order will be delivered right to your front door.


Are you interested in the Scentsy Opportunity in Australia?

Now is the best time to embrace the Scentsy opportunity in Australia. Australia is a ground floor opportunity and now is the best time to start your very own home based business. For only $139 minus shipping and taxes, you can become one of Australia’s first Scentsy consultants. To join my team, connect with me through my Website, Twitter, by phone (0431406410) or by e-mailing me at I’ll be happy to share the Scentsy opportunity with you!

I’m interested in Hosting an ONLINE Party

Hosting an ONLINE party is very simple. I will make it a smooth experience. Connect with me through her Website, Twitter, by phone (0431406410) or by e-mailing me at

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Phone: 0431406410