Why I Love Austin

I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas and moved to Austin in 1997 and later became a Scentsy Consultant in 2011.  I’m still loyal to my San Antonio Spurs and most of my side of the family still lives in San Antonio.  I love the weather here in Austin, except for July and August when it’s highly recommended you remain inside enjoying the air conditioning.  Austin’s Motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, you just have to come to Austin to understand what that means lol.  Austin is known as the live music capitol of the world and is known for it’s excellent barbecue.  Austinites are known to be very friendly and welcoming, which reflects how I carry myself as a Scentsy Consultant and in life.

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Why choose me as your Scentsy Consultant?

Let’s be real, there are many Scentsy Consultants to choose from, what sets me apart from the rest?  I believe I have some core values that have helped me along the way as a successful Scentsy Consultant and in life.   My goal is to be the best Scentsy Consultant in Austin. I believe respect, honesty, integrity, listening, and smiling go a long way.  I also believe to not make promises that you can’t keep and my word is my bond.  Another reason to choose me as your Scentsy Consultant is you’ll always be able to get in touch with me and I return all phone calls and communications in a timely manner.  After you Scentsy purchase, you can always check the delivery status of your order on my website.  Finally, I’ve been told by my colleagues and friends that I have a great sense of humor, which is true!

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Why I Want To Be the Best Scentsy Consultant in Austin

After working in the public sector for many years, I needed an additional revenue stream.  I didn’t want to get a second job and have to clock in somewhere and be away from my family.  As I pondered my options, my wife had introduced Scentsy products to me.   My wife purchased a night-light warmer and bar of wax from a vendor event, I immediately was hooked on Scentsy!  Fast forward to 2011, I was working for the government and was informed that I wouldn’t be receiving a raise due to budgetary issues.  I decided that I was going to get that raise myself and became a scentsy consultant in November 2011.  I was so excited about the opportunity and hit the ground running.  I hosted my launch party, the grand opening of my Scentsy business and in my second full month I recruited my first two consultants.  Over four years later, I am now a Director and have 48 consultants in my downline, my team continues to grow!

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Host a Home Party

There are many different ways to host a party to earn free product credit and half price items.  The most popular method is to host a home party and invite your friends and family.  I love when the sample scents are sampled by guests and the scents evoke memories and laughter from the guests.  I also enjoy the party games which are always a blast.  This by far is my favorite party type as a scentsy consultant.

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Host a Basket Party

Maybe opening up your house for a party isn’t your cup of tea?  The next best thing is to Host a Basket Party!  This is how it works, I provide the current scents, catalogs, order forms, sample products all in a nice little bag that can be taken to work or to show to your friends.  After about a week, the host returns the basket or bag to the scentsy consultant with orders and payment methods.   The scentsy consultant goes over the order with the host and the host chooses the free product credit and half price items.  The scentsy consultant then places the order and once it arrives, it is sorted and delivered to the host for distribution to the party guests.

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Host an Online Party

The online scentsy party is the most convenient of all party types.  I will set up a specific party link on my website dedicated to the host, that way all the orders submitted will be credited to the parties host rewards.  I usually set up the event on facebook and the host will then invite their friends to the event.  The party usually goes for about a week or two, it’s totally up to the host how long the party will last.  Online orders placed on my website are shipped directly to the customer, which is very convenient!

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Need a Fundraiser?

Does your kids baseball team need extra funds for equipment or money towards a trip?  Does your youth sports league need additional funds to purchase a scoreboard?  As a scentsy consultant I can help you with your charitable cause thru a fundraiser.   Please contact me for more details, I would love to help out your charitable cause.

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Interested in Becoming a Scentsy Consultant?

Do you need an additional revenue stream?  Do you want to stay at home and work your Scentsy business full-time?  Do you want to make enough money to pay some bills off or to make a car payment?  If you would like to learn more about becoming a scentsy consultant, please get in touch me or visit my website to join my team today.  Are you a former consultant and would like to give Scentsy a second chance, I can help!

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Let’s Get In Touch

I want to personally thank you for visiting my website and reading this blog post.   I hope the information I have provided is helpful to you and if you’re looking for a scentsy consultant, you’ll look no further after today!  If you would like to send me an e-mail please contact me thru my website.  You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Thanks for helping me become Austin’s Next Top Scentsy Consultant!