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Melissa Honstein - Scentsy Europe

Hi! I’m Melissa Honstein – Independent Scentsy Family Consultant – Europe

Are you looking to purchase Scentsy Europe products? Do you live in one of the following countries : United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain or Luxemborg? Look no further. You can purchase Scentsy Europe products ONLINE from me: Melissa Honstein – Independent Scentsy Family Consultant.


My Story

Why choose Scentsy, you ask?

I love burning candles. Still, there are many risks associated with them. I tried other air fresheners, but my better half complained that the scents were either too penetrating, or that he couldn’t smell them at all. He also suggested I waste money on traditional scented candles. He said: one day I’ll burn the house down when I forget to blow them out.

I was also looking for a home business opportunity but couldn’t find one that I truly believed in. Scentsy solved these issues. With an encouraging upline, John Lopez, and a product that could basically sell itself because it is very new in Germany. I decided to take the plunge and become a consultant.

How do you purchase Scentsy from me?

It’s very easy. Please visit my website below to browse Scentsy Europe products. At top right of the page, select the flag that represents your country and your ready to begin your online shopping experience. Your online order will be delivered right to your front door.

Are you interested in the Scentsy Opportunity in Europe?

If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, or Poland, you can Become a Scentsy Consultant. Connect with me through my Website, Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mailing me at I’ll be happy to share the Scentsy opportunity with you!

I’m interested in Hosting an ONLINE Party

Hosting an ONLINE party is very simple. I will make it a smooth experience. Connect with me through her Website, Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mailing me at

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