Why Join Scentsy in June

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.  A new promotion was just announced and I’m very excited to share the news with you.  During the month of June 2015, every newly enrolled Scentsy Fragrance consultant residing in North America (Region 1) or Europe (Region 2), who decides to Join Scentsy will receive FREE shipping on their awesome starter kit, which includes everything you need to start your business, such as demonstration products, catalogs, and marketing materials.  This is a great time to Join Scentsy in preparation for the Fall/Winter catalog season.  Become a Scentsy Consultant today and you’ll also be eligible for commissions on sales, bonuses, and an opportunity to win all expense paid expense trips to the most wonderful destinations.

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Join Scentsy and Earn up to $300 in Free Product

Say it isn’t so, well it’s true!   Any new consultant who earns the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit will earn almost $300 in Scentsy products.  How does a new consultant earn the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit?  A new consultant who sells 500 Personal Retail Volume (PRV) within the first fifteen days after signing up to be a consultant, earns the kit, it’s that easy!  So, before you decide to Join Scentsy, let’s chat and prepare your business and schedule that very important launch party, so you can earn the Shooting Star and have a great start to your Scentsy career!

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Why Join Scentsy?

I get that question all the time!  Potential recruits wonder if Scentsy will be a good fit for them.  I say, Why Not Join Scentsy!  Give it a try, people from all walks of life have decided to take the plunge and Join Scentsy.  Some consultants work their business full time and some work it part time, the choice is yours!   Selling Scentsy gives you the flexibility to make your own schedule and work the hours you want to work.  You’ll be promoting some of the finest products, like the Lone Star Warmer and Bring Back my Bar Collection, to name a few.  Scentsy is an International Opportunity, recently launching in New Zealand in March 2015, so their is great growth potential.  This is the best month of the year to Join Scentsy, so get in touch with me and let’s chat about your future.  So to recap, if you Join Scentsy  you’ll receive FREE shipping on your starter kit during the month of June and you’ll have the opportunity to earn $300 in FREE Scentsy products, if you earn Shooting Star Enhancement Kit.  Remember, this only applies to new consultants who live in North America (Region 1) and Europe (Region 2).  You’ll also have to opportunity to earn commission on product sales, bonuses, and paid trips to wonderful destinations!

I’m ready to Join Scentsy now!

So, I’m ready to sign up, what do I need to do to get started?  First, visit my website and click Join Scentsy, then select the country you live in (Scentsy is International) and then choose your language.  Next, make sure when you confirm your sponsor, it says John Lopez, because you want me to be your sponsor right!  After about five to ten minutes of electronic paperwork, you’ll be given a 6 digit consultant identification number and I’ll be notified by e-mail your the newest member of my Scentsy team!  Thanks for stopping by and please share this post with your family and friends.  Sharing is Caring!  Have a Great Summer!

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