Buy Scentsy May 2017 Scent & Warmer of the Month

Buy Scentsy QWERTY Scentsy Warmer

The QWERTY warmer is now available for $27.00 all during the month of May.   Weave a tale of mystery of suspense with QWERTY designed especially for those who love the old-school art of story telling.  Purchase your QWERTY Scentsy warmer here on my website.

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QWERTY Scentsy Warmer

Buy Scentsy Cambridge Scent

The Cambridge Scent is described as sweet lemon and pine needle with an intriguing dash of vetiver.  Cambridge scent is available in Room Spray for $7.20, Scent Circle for $2.70, and Scentsy Bar for $4.50.  Buy Scentsy by visiting the Scent & Warmer of the Month section of my website to save 10% all month long.

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Cambridge Scent