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Wickless USA – Buy Scentsy Essential Oils

Scentsy Essential and Natural Oils are purely natural — and personalized by you. We source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe to deliver the best natural and essential oils in the world. Use Scentsy Oils alone or blend them together to create your own custom fragrance.

Natural and essential oils have become very popular over the last few years. The reason why is no surprise: natural and essential oils allow the creation of natural, one-of-a-kind fragrances through cold-mist diffusion. Paired with our ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser, you can create a unique and wonderful experience.

Use Scentsy Oils alone or blend them together to create your own custom fragrance. The choice is yours. It’s simple:enliven your senses, enliven your life.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are fragrances extracted from naturally occurring plant substances – such as citrus peel or pulp, leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots and other plant parts – using steam or pressure.

What is a natural oil?

This is where things get geeky. Instead of taking fragrance from a single plant, the fragrance is created by combining individual molecules from two or more naturally occurring substances. (Told ya!) It’s like taking chocolate chips from a chocolate chip cookie and peppermint chips from peppermint ice cream and making peppermint bark with them. The ingredients are totally natural, but the peppermint bark doesn’t occur on its own in nature.

What is the difference between Scentsy Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends and 100% Natural Oils?

Scentsy Essential Oils consist of a single essential oil. Scentsy Essential Oil Blends are blends of two or more essential oils. Scentsy 100% Natural Oils are blends of two or more natural and essential oils. All Scentsy Oils are 100 percent natural and naturally derived— no synthetic ingredients are used.

Do natural and essential oils expire?

Since natural and essential oils are derived from 100 percent natural materials, their potency may vary over time. For best results, we recommend storing your Scentsy Oils away from extreme fluctuations in heat or light. For best results, use Scentsy Oils within two years of purchase.

Can I use the oils in my Warmers?

Our systems are designed for an optimal fragrance experience. Adding Scentsy Oils to a Scentsy Warmer does not create a pleasant fragrance experience and may severely discolor the warming dish. Scentsy Oils are best experienced via cold-mist diffusion, and Scentsy Bars are best experienced via our Warmers. Though we recommend using Scentsy Oils and Scentsy Bars with their intended systems only, warming Scentsy Oils in your warmer will not void the warranty.

Why do some of my Scentsy Oils drip faster or slower than others?

The natural character of individual oils means some oils will be thicker and flow more slowly than others.