John Lopez - Superstar Consultant

Wickless USA – Scentsy Go Pods

Ready! Set! Scentsy Go! Every once in awhile, a great idea just takes you by storm. Scentsy Go, and the Scentsy Go Pods refills, is a brand new fragrance delivery system offered from Scentsy, available as of the Fall 2017. What so different and unique about Scentsy Go? Battery power! So now you can take your favorite Scentsy scents and fragrances literally anywhere.

Want to head to the beach, or on a hike, where you won’t have a plug-in electrical power source available? No worries. Scentsy has you covered with the new Scentsy Go system, and associated Scentsy Go Pods. Charge the internal lithium battery for up to 40 hours of use with the included USB cord – then go quite literally anywhere. Enjoy the full seven-color LED light display, or adjust to pause on the color of your choice.

Simple, practical, and vibrant fragrances where ever you go.

It’s a simple set up. Twist open the cover. Drop in 1 – 2 Scentsy Pods. 2 Pods increase the fragrance strength, especially for larger spaces. Close. Turn on. Runs on a rechargeable battery, so no outlet needed. Goes where you go – no strings (or cords) attached. Get instant fragrances. An internal fan blows air through the Scentsy Pods, filling any small space with fragrance in seconds. And purchase in confidence. Enjoy this exciting new product with peace of mind. Scentsy Go is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Scentsy Go and Go Pods is just one more sensational idea from Scentsy to brighten your day and liven up your life. Take your favorite fragrances where ever you go. No muss, no fuss. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Scentsy Go Pods are filled with no-spill fragrance beads. Each Scentsy Pods provide up to 120 hours of fragrance when used with our Scentsy Go system. Each pack includes two pods of the same scent.