Join Scentsy in July 2017

Join Scentsy 2017 and you’ll receive a FREE warmer (Darling Scentsy Warmer – $40 value).  If you have been on the fence or have considered starting your own home based business, now is the time to start your Scentsy business.   In addition to the FREE Darling Scentsy Warmer, you will receive an amazing starter kit.

join scentsy 2017

What comes in my Starter Kit?

When you Join Scentsy 2017, your starter kit comes with all the essentials tools to launch your successful Scentsy business.  Your starter kit comes with the following items:  A best selling warmer, Over 80 Scented testers, Scentsy Catalogs, Scentsy Order Forms, 3 months of your Personal Website (PWS), Product Samples, Business Tools, and a FREE gift.

join scentsy 2017

Why Join Scentsy in 2017?

This is the perfect opportunity to establish your Scentsy business now before the busy selling season begins.  People from all walks of decide to Join Scentsy for different reasons and for different purposes.    This a great opportunity with the FREE Warmer in addition to the amazing Starter Kit.  This promotion is only valid thru July 31, 2017.   Hop off the fence today and Become a Scentsy Consultant.

join scentsy 2017

How do I Join Scentsy in 2017?

The enrollment process is simple and doesn’t take much time to complete.  Please visit my website and click Join Scentsy.  Please make sure it says that John Lopez will be your sponsor, because I hope you would want me to be your sponsor.  The starter kit in the United States is $99 (plus shipping/taxes).   After completing some electronic paperwork you will receive your Consultant ID, your identity with Scentsy.  As soon as you Join Scentsy, your Personal Website (PWS) is live.  This means you can sell products and recruit new consultants immediately, there is no waiting to get off to a great start.    If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.  I’m looking forward to helping you reach your goals with Scentsy!