Summer Sandcastle Scentsy Warmer – July Warmer of the Month

Bring the shore indoors this Summer with the Summer Sandcastle Scentsy Warmer.   This Scentsy Warmer is only $36.00 (USD) (ten percent off) during the entire month of July.  This is one of the most anticipated warmers of the month to be released this year.   Please visit my website to purchase your Summer Sandcastle Scentsy Warmer.   Every Warmer of the Month has it’s counterpart Scent of the Month, this month’s Scent of the Month is Pristine Waters.

scentsy warmer

  Pristine Waters – July 2017 Scent of the Month

Pristine Waters scent is described as a combination of bergamot zest, beach grass, and vetiver.  Pristine Waters will is a perfect companion scent to the Summer Sandcastle Scentsy Warmer.  Pristine Waters is available as a Scentsy Room Spray, Scentsy Scent Circle, and of course a Scentsy Bar.  Pristine Waters is ten percent off only this month on my website.

pristine waters scentsy bar

Hey John, how do I Buy Scentsy Online?

Thanks for asking!  Simply go to my website and click on the Scent & Warmer of the Month link under Scentsy Products and images displayed in my Scentsy Online Store.  Every month of the year, a new Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month are offered to customers.  Please stay in touch and watch for announcements monthly about exciting new Scentsy Products as they come out.  If you have any questions about Scentsy,  please feel free to get in touch.  Once you place your Scentsy Order Online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and tracking number and soon your Scentsy Order will be shipped directly to you.  If you order scentsy online from my website, you can conveniently Track Your Order by clicking the button on the top right hand side of my website labeled “Track My Order”.    Thanks for stopping by and reading my Scentsy blog, sharing this on post is appreciated.

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